AS you should have gathered by now,  Fitness Camp Academy and Fitfast Personal Training’s fat loss philosophy is based on making your body healthy.

We don’t advocate eating fads or calorie counting but simply try to make you realise that fat loss is a welcome by-product of being well and healthy right down to your cells.

If you give your body what it needs to survive and thrive from a nutritional perspective, you will not carry excess body fat.

When you throw in to the mix the type of bodyweight, big muscle group exercises that we prescribe, what you have is a system that works.

If you ditch processed foods,  diet foods, anything with ingredients you can’t pronounce, wheat, most dairy and throw your microwave out the window, you will feel and look better.

And when you team that nutritional approach with the right kind of training, you’ll definitely reach your goal.

If you’re still wondering about what to eat, I thought I’d take you into my fridge, right after big shop day.

These are the top 10 foods you will always find there…

1/ KALE:  I eat tonnes of the stuff. It’s packed with vitamin C, helps bulletproof your body against cancer and keeps your eyes healthy, thanks to a property called lutein.

If you’re not sure how to cook it check out my video on youtube at

2/ ORGANIC FREE RANGE CHICKEN: Chicken is a great source of protein, it’s versatile and easy to cook. And you can do endless things with it. Try roasting in some coconut oil and black pepper, putting into a curry, stir-frying with red peppers, red onions, chilli, ginger and spinach and rice noodles.  And please please please try and buy free range.  Battery farming practices are abhorrent, and the chicken produced in this way is of no nutritional benefit.  If everyone stopped buying it, they’d have to stop it. Simple as that!

3/ COCONUT OIL: If you’re not using this for cooking, I urge you to start. There is almost no end to the benefits of coconut oil.  It helps with fat loss, diabetes, thyroid function, stress, digestion….if you want to read more, here’s a good link to check out.  In cooking terms, it doesn’t degrade at high temperatures like olive oil. It’s suitable for stir frying, roasting, baking.

Just one thing though, make sure you buy organic and virgin. Your coconut oil should taste and smell like coconuts. You should be able to eat it on a spoon and like the taste – provided you like coconut, of course.  If it doesn’t, bin it and get the good stuff.

Tescos do Groovy Food extra virgin coconut oil for about £6. Sounds expensive but it does last a couple of weeks.  And you can’t put a price on health, people.

4/ WATER:  By now you should all know that you need to drink two litres of filtered water a day for fat loss.  This helps keep your kidneys working properly so the liver doesn’t have to jump in and help out. Instead it can concentrate on its main job of metabolising fat.  So buy it in bottles, keep one with you and keep swigging out of it. Job done!

5/ BROCCOLI:  Like  curly kale, this is a goldmine of good stuff.  It’s high in potassium which keeps your muscles working efficiently, stops you getting cramps, and looks after your brain and central nervous system.   It also contains lots of magnesium which, as you should all know by now, is responsible for 300+ functions in the human body, including heartbeat regulation and blood pressure stability. It’s packed with vitamin C which keeps your immune system fighting fit. If that wasn’t enough, it’s high in Vitamin K and calcium so protects you against bone density issues like osteoporosis.   Believe it or not, I could go on, but I’m sure you get the message. GET IT IN YOUR SHOPPING TROLLEY!

6/ TURKEY: If you only eat this at Christmas, it’s time to open your mind and your shopping basket to turkey.  Firstly, it’s a great source of protein which you need to feed your growing muscles and fill you up at mealtimes.  It also contains selenium which keeps your thyroid healthy and your immune system working.  Try turkey mince kebabs with a big green salad.  Simply add crushed garlic, fresh chilli, ginger and cumin to it,  soak some skewers in cold water.  Then mould the turkey around the sticks into sausage shapes and either grill, throw on the BBQ or cook on the griddle. Gorgeous. Check it out on my Facebook page.

7/ SWEET POTATO:  A much healthier alternative to regular potato, sweet potato is packed with vitamin B6 which is crucial for keeping your arteries flexible and healthy. Like broccoli, it is also packed with potassium. Sweet potatoes also do their bit in the fight again cancer with high levels of beta-carotene, Vitamin C and E.  They are versatile and tasty and can be baked or mashed. I like to leave the skin on and cut them into big chips, brush with olive oil and roast them in the oven for about 10 minutes.  Mmmm, my mouth is watering at the thought!

8/ RED PEPPERS:  One of my shopping must-haves, red peppers are literally bursting with Vitamin C. In fact, they contain 300 per cent of your RDA, And in addition to being a powerful anti-oxidant, Vic C also helps your body absorb iron. So if you’re anaemic or just feeling a bit knackered,  rundown and lacking in energy,  a plate load of red peppers will definitely pep you up.   They are also a brilliant source of Vit B6 and magnesium. Incidentally, ladies, this combo of vitamins and minerals actually helps reduce PMT symptoms.  When it comes to eating them, it’s easier to say what you can’t do with them.  I pack my salads with them, roast them whole, slice them and throw them in the oven with shallots and courgettes for a Mediterranean style-accompaniment to chicken.  They are also delicious stuffed with tomatoes, garlic and basil and roasted.  In all honesty, I probably eat red peppers in one form or another every single day.  And I never get colds, flu or any of those types of bugs, even if everyone around me is dying on their feet. Just saying…

9/ EGGS: It’s true Edwina Currie did some damage to the reputation of eggs in the nineties.  But is the opinion of a women who would sleep with John Major really to be taken seriously?  I say, no!  I love eggs. I eat at least two a day and I always buy organic free range.  So what’s so good about them?  Well, aside from being one of the best sources of protein you can put into your body,  they contain lutein and something called zeaxanthin both of which help protect your eyes.  They are also rich in choline which has been found to protect against blood clots and strokes.  Despite being portrayed as a cholesterol demon, new research shows this to be untrue.  They are one of the only foods that contain naturally-occurring Vitamin D.   Normally, the body needs sunlight to make Vitamin D, so next time you’re stuck inside on a rainy day, get some eggs down you.  Scrambled, poached, fried in coconut oil or boiled, they are yummy.  Just veto the toasted thick-sliced soldiers!

10/ GARLIC: Here I am at number 10 already and I’ve barely scratched the surface of my shopping trolley. But, for me, no trip to the shops would be complete without armfuls of garlic.   I always have it in.  In fact, if I notice we’re running low I start to panic, just in case I need it.  Not so great if you’re single and looking for love, admittedly, especially if that bloke from accounts that you fancy has really big front teeth, a widow’s peak and a cape.  But I digress, not only does it add amazing flavour to just about anything and everything, it’s also very good for you.  Among its myriad health benefits, it keeps your blood thin, so reduces the risks of strokes and blood clots. It can also improve acne, has as an anti-bacterial properties and helps keep your cardiovascular system purring along nicely.  I’m not joking when I say I eat it every single day. I crush it up in salad dressings, roast it whole, stir fry it – courgettes and garlic is a match made in food heaven, by the way.  Good job I’ve already got a boyfriend!