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What’s sup with you?

Being in the women’s fat loss business, I get asked a lot about weight loss products. You know the sort of thing. The powdered ones you mix with milk and drink instead of food. Are they any good? Do they work?  Have I ever tried them? This is not a new concept.  In the early [...]

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How to curry flavour

DRUM roll please, folks. Here is is...  my clean chicken curry recipe, as promised. WINTER WARMER: My delicious clean chicken curry Well, I say "mine", but actually this is my mum's recipe.  We've pretty much been eating this chicken curry all our lives.  It's not something I adapted or invented when I converted [...]

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Do ….or diet?

....Which is it going to be? I’M really EXCITED, folks! I got out of bed brimming with positivity, full of motivation and ready to have an awesome week. I’m buzzing. In fact, I feel just how little Tommy Cruise must have felt when he jumped up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s settee that time. Who [...]

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