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Why it’s a no brainer to hire a trainer!

I have a trainer. Hands up if you think it’s strange that, even though I am a fitness and fat loss coach myself, I hire someone to tell me what to do? After all, you’d think that, knowing what I know and with all my training experience, I’d be able to give myself good workouts, [...]

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Courgette “pasta” with cherry tomatoes & garlic on a bed of griddled aubergines, with roast chicken.

COURGETTE BLIMEY: This pretend pasta dish will float your boat, not your bloat! Lots of people find it hard to give up pasta, even though most admit that after eating it they  feel bloated, sluggish and uncomfortable, even end up with gut cramp.  This is because, generally, most of us don't tolerate wheat [...]

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Quinoa with stir fried king prawns, shallots, tomatoes & mushrooms on a bed of spinach and rocket

People always always ask me: "What can I do for a sauce to stop my food being tasteless?"    For me, the combination of shallots, mushrooms and prawns is a match made in heaven.   They produce unbelievably tasty flavours together, especially stir fried in coconut oil.  The sweetness of the shallots and nutty flavour [...]

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