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About Your Trainer

  • about-1I’m female.
  • I’m beyond middle-aged — (50 next year!)
  • I’m qualified. I have some nice certificates. I spend lots of money to learn very cool stuff with lots of fitness industry greats.
  • What really qualifies me to help you, though, is that I UNDERSTAND YOU!
  • I remember when life was a permanent diet. The only reason I still drink black coffee now at 49 is because when I was 14 I read something that said it could help you lose weight. I was 14, for God’s sake!
  • I’ve tried every fitness fad in the book.
  • I wasn’t sporty at school. The PE teacher would probably remember me as that girl hiding behind a tree in an athletics lesson, reading Smash Hits rather than smashing the long jump.
  • I started working out when I was in my early 20s with an eclectic mixture of lifting weights with my dad and Jane Fonda in front of the TV, complete with lycra leotard.
  • about-2I pretty much never stopped. Step aerobics, spin, martial arts, olympic weightlifting, Crossfit… you name it. I’ve done it. Some I’ve loved, some I’ve hated, some have nearly killed me. (But I keep going back!)
  • I became a trainer because I “want to work out all day”. Somewhere along the line, I’ve realised that there are much better reasons that that.
  • Like the look on the face of a client who had no faith in her own body after cancer treatment when she progresses to a bodyweight deadlift.
  • Or that message from a client who tells you she’s looking forward to a family holiday for the first time in years because she’s not ashamed of the way she looks any more.
  • Or that client who has overcome her mental health issues because her training sessions make her feel so good.
  • I know that the path to your goals isn’t always linear.
  • I know that life can throw you a curve ball sometimes.
  • But when you learn who you are and what works for you, you can always stop yourself veering too far into the wilderness.