I love this word, just something about the sound of it.

The definition of optimal, depending where you look is something like “most desirable, the best, most favourable.”

If you apply this word to your nutrition then, it would probably mean eating 100 per cent clean foods, being teetotal. no caffeine, no sugar, wheat, nothing processed. All of your carbohydrates would be sourced from whole-foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oats. You would spend hours meal prepping and never be caught without something delicious and macro-counted for lunch. Speaking of lunch, you would down tools at work for an hour every day and take time to enjoy your food and eat mindfully. You would hit your macros every single day and, supposing your goal is fat loss, you would be in in a small, sensible calorie deficit designed to illicit slow and steady progress. You would have no stress and sleep eight hours a night.

Ben and Jerry’s

At the weekends, you would sip San Pellegrino while others were swigging wine and just think about your six pack goals.

There’s no doubt that if you behaved this way, you would 100 per cent hit your fat loss goals.

But you would almost certainly be bored stupid. You would lose all your mates in the process and – after three months of living like this (if you even made it this far!) once the holiday, or the big birthday was over, you would fall spectacularly from the wagon. The next three months would be spent face-planting Ben and Jerry’s and washing it down with Pinot Grigio.


LICKED: Being too strict can send you on a Ben and Jerry’s binge!

The end result? You’d be back where you started or worse. You would beat yourself up for being weak-willed and pathetic and you would put off starting again because well, the thought of being optimal makes you want to go play on the M62.


The good news is, while optimal is actually not…well, optimal for most of us juggling hectic jobs, taking care of families and keeping all the balls in the air. it is also not necessary to get results.

Just because you’re not being optimal in your approach does not mean you’re being bad!

The truth is, the best diet is the one that works for you, that you enjoy and that you will stick to consistently for the rest of your life, with the odd tweak here and there for special occasions.

For most of us, that just means making small changes and building on them, week-in and week-out, starting with the obvious stuff.

Make one promise to yourself every morning about doing something small that takes you closer to your goals and stick to it.


Learn about your body, why you gain weight, why have cravings, how you can curb them. Find a trainer who will give you strategies instead of expecting you to rely on willpower. (Er…I might be able to recommend one!)

Most important of all, just keep going, through the bad days and the good. We all have bad days. Life is not linear.

Deep down, you know how to pick yourself up and carry on. How many times did you fall over as a baby trying to learn to walk? Did you ever say: “That’s it. I’m giving up. I’ll never do this.”
Of course you didn’t. You just kept at it and got a little better at walking every day until it became second nature.

That’s all you have to do. Stick at being a little better every day until it becomes second nature.


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