SO fat loss hunters, the weekend is upon us again.  This is traditionally a time when you undo all your good work by falling off the wagon, eating takeout and cheesecake, washed down by wine/beer/vodka.

Here’s an about bucking the trend this week. Here’s my five tips to keep you on the straight and narrow when everyone else around seems to be having it large!

1/ DON’T pat yourself on the back  with a bottle of wine and a family size Dominos pizza for doing well through the week.  This is like rewarding yourself for saving money by throwing tenners out of your car window.  Don’t say things like: “I’ve been really good so I deserve a reward.”  This theory is nonsense spouted by people who stand in their own way, don’t take responsibility for their actions and pretend to be happy when they lose a pound one week and only put half on the next week.   Reward yourself for being good through the week by being better at the weekend.  Do you want to look great and feel great more than you want that junk food and booze that’s going to clog up your liver and stop you burning fat for up to six days? Have a think about that for a minute.

2/ DON’T hang out with anyone who makes you feel bad/guilty/weird when you decline alcohol and sweet and sour chicken balls at the weekend.  Don’t respond to their emotional blackmail when they tell you “you’re no fun any more”.  People who try to make you feel bad about wanting to improve your health, shape, and generally feel better about yourself are a) not your friends, b) putting their own insecurities on you.  Misery loves company, remember!

3/ DINING out doesn’t have to be a disaster when you’re eating for fat loss.  There’s the obvious things to avoid like not going for a massive cheesboard or finishing off your dinner with the trio of cheesecake. But there’s also other things you can do.  Don’t have a bread basket on the table.  We’ve all done it.  You get to the restaurant, starving hungry and before the first course is served you’ve scoffed a baguette to yourself.

Stick to vegetables and chicken/fish courses for dinner.  Find the restaurant on the internet and check out the menu before you go.  This way you can take advice from your trainer about what you should eat/avoid Drink plenty of water too. Finally, volunteer to be designated driver, that will keep you off the booze and stop you making rash dinner decisions, plus you’ll save the cab fare too.

4/ Don’t put temptation in your own way. There are no prizes for willpower in the fat loss game. If you’re out doing a big shop, don’t stick a carrot cake and three packets of biscuits in your trolley just in case your mum, auntie, neighbour, double-glazing salesman calls round for a cuppa. And if they do, give them tulsi tea.  It’s your house, you call the shots!

5/ The better you get at clean cooking, the more enjoyable your fat loss journey will be and the easier it will be to stay clean at the weekends.  Instead of planning a binge, plan a to make a clean curry, chilli – whatever floats your boat. Do a little research on the net if you have too. These days we have access to thousands of food ideas at our fingertips. Then invite your pals round show them that eating for fat loss doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous, filling tasty food.  Getting your nearest and dearest on board will make it so much easier for you too.

Finally, here’s something to think about too.  Sometime in the future, when you’ve dropped shedloads of bodyfat and you’ve gained lean muscle mass, you can have the odd blowout at the weekend because it won’t prove so catastrophic to your metabolism. The irony is, by then you probably won’t even want to.

Enjoy the weekend!