MACRO-LICIOUS: High protein homemade turkey burgers

I’m not a bad cook, if I say so myself. I mean, I have no actual technical expertise but I’m kind of good at throwing flavours together and ending up with something quite palatable and healthy.

But every now and then I create something that turns out to be absolutely gorgeous. And when that happens, I like to share it with my Project Me members and anyone else who needs some meal inspiration.

In the case of this dish, it’s also high in protein which is the most important macronutrient. If you want to maintain your muscle, stay satisfied a long time (which means you’re less likely to snack on junk food) and burn more calories while you’re actually digesting your food, you must make sure you’re getting enough protein in. It’s a total game-changer!

If you’re not sure how much is enough, take your weight in kg and multiply it by anywhere between 1.5 and 2.2, depending how much you train.

To give you an example, if you weight 68kg, you need to be eating somewhere between 102 and 150g of protein a day and certainly no less.


Turkey thigh mince (454g made seven burgers)
Four spring onions – finely chopped
Half a red pointed pepper – finely
Tablespoon of garlic puree
fresh rosemary – finely chopped
Olive oil (two teaspoon with that amount of mince, so adapt according to quantities)
Feta cheese – 25g crumbled (again, you can vary according to your taste)
Salt and black pepper.

Sweet potato
Two medium sweet potatoes cut into chunks
Tablespoon of olive oil
Tablespoon of red wine vinegar
Schwarz Cajun spice mix
Salt and black pepper

Green beans
Green beans
pan of water

RECIPE – preparation
Mix all of the burger ingredients together with a wooden spoon until they are fairly even. Then, using your hands (yes, it’s a bit messy!) form the mixture into burgers around half an inch thick. If possible, put into the fridge for a couple of hours before cooking to help them bind together.

Chop the sweet potato and place in roasting tin. Then sprinkle with olive oil, vinegar, spices and salt and pepper.


Roast the sweet potato for around 30 minutes or until browned and cooked through. Just stick one a fork in, if you’re not sure.

When the sweet potatoes are about halfway cooked,  start the burgers off in a hot frying pan or griddle and sear on both sides, then turn the heat down and just them cook through for around 10-15 minutes. Again, if you’re not sure if they are cooked properly, just cut one in half and see how it looks inside. If it’s very pink, it probably needs a bit longer.

Finally, add the beans to a pan of boiling water and cook for around two to four minutes, depending on how you like your veg. I’m firmly an al dente fan myself.

Plate up and enjoy!

Oh,  and see pics below from myfitnesspal for approx macros and calories.  NB I don’t really measure things like spring onion because there’s hardly anything in them.  If you’re going into a calorie surplus it’s highly unlikely to be down to too much spring onion 🙂 

ON TRACK: myfitnesspal macros