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LIttle black dress diet…

Calling 10 women who want to lose weight and feel great….

Anyone else’s Facebook news feed full of these sponsored posts?

Now, I’m not saying they are bad. Far from it.

In the main, they are from respected trainers offering you programmes that will help you drop a dress size.

And anything that helps you take more exercise than you are currently doing and  become aware of what are eating is a good thing.

But how many of you embark on programmes like this – including mine – and get off to a flying start.   You become more attentive to your diet and  you schedule your training sessions and stick to that schedule.

You make some positive changes to your lifestyle in pursuit of those smaller clothes.

After a long or a short while, depending on your starting point, you will see results.

Maybe your clothes will feel a little loser, maybe you will be a little less out of breath running up the stairs in work. Maybe you will even lose a lot of weight, two or three stones and get into that dress that’s been hanging forlornly in the wardrobe.

And all of that is awesome.


But then, little by little, you start to let things slip a little. You miss a few sessions, the evening chocolate snacks start to creep back in. The coffee consumption goes back up. The biscuits that accompany the coffee start to become more regular.


CHEESY DOES IT: Junk food creeps back in

CHEESY DOES IT: Junk food creeps back in

But hey, that’s okay, isn’t it? Because you know how to fix this. You’ve done it before, right?  And, to be fair,  you don’t really have anything specific to be in shape for right at this moment.

You’re going to get back on track any minute now.

Okay, maybe any day, not any minute.

Well, to be fair, when you said day, you meant Monday. What, this Monday? No, not this Monday, that’s too soon.

Next Monday. In time for Easter. A month before your birthday. Six weeks before your holiday.

Before you know it the year is nearly over and you are back where you started.

We have all been there, to varying degrees, sliding down the slippery slope.  Bloated, uncomfortable, miserable. Feeling like we have a mountain to climb.

So why does this happen when we’ve been doing so well.   And, more imporantly,  how do we stop it?

I’ve honestly spent a lot of time thinking about this.

Because in my job, the answer to this is like the Holy Grail.

And here is what I truly believe.


Almost all of us are setting the wrong sorts of goals for ourselves. We are missing the point.

We want to look good for a party, Xmas, a holiday, a birthday.

We do whatever we need to do to be in that outfit.   Squeeze in a few extra-training sessions,  cut out a few meals here and there (who cares what your coach has told you about this?)

Then suddenly  that moment, that all important goal has come and gone. And guess what,  so has our focus.   So we ease up on the gas and relax a bit.

I believe the answer lies in seeing what we women can become, rather than what we can fit into.

What we women can do, not how we look.

When you truly start to invest in your body and see as a tool which can achieve amazing feats of performance, you have cracked it.

When you decide that struggling to get up and down from the floor because you are carrying too much weight is not acceptable. When you tell yourself that by the end of this four week bootcamp cycle, you are going to be able to do that faster and more efficiently, that is a goal.

When you vow that in four weeks time you are going to be able to do three short warm up runs without needing an oxygen tent, that is a goal.

When you make yourself a promise that you are going to do a whole session without putting your knees on the floor once during your press ups, that is an achievement.

You will no longer want to stuff yourself full of crap takeaway on the weekends because that’s going to affect your training.

You will stop having a glass of wine every evening because that might mean you struggle to get up for training.


And if you don’t make it to training,  you miss an opportunity to become a stronger, healthier, better-moving individual.

When you tell yourself – and mean it – that you are no longer going to treat your body like a rubbish bin on a daily basis, living on sugar, chemicals, processed food.

And you will do this, not because you want to fit into a size 14, but because you want to see yourself getting stronger and fit and healthy.

You want to make real progress and you know that eating food that nature intended us to eat, and getting at least eight hours quality sleep a night is the way to do this.

Cutting the crap from your diet that you think you depend on so much for “comfort” will become a lot easier when you start to see yourself as an athlete in training.

I honestly, hand on heart, believe that there is an athlete inside every single one of us.


RAISE THE TONE: Focus on performing and that fab figure will come.

RAISE THE TONE: Focus on performing and that fab figure will come.

Training should not just be about punishing yourself because you ate a family size bag of Munchies watching the TV last night.

Training is your opportunity to be a better version of yourself, to invest in that inner athletee.

Training is your “Me Time”.  A time to work on the most important project you will ever take on. Yourself.

Working out is your time to shine.

Start to think like this, and I guarantee you something.

Your body shape will start to change, radically.  You will not obsess about it happening,  but it will happen.

You will get lean, you will get streamlined, you will get strong.



You will no longer have to keep starting over because you always fail at the final hurdle – consistency.

You will stop weighing yourself every five minutes and obsessing about whether you’ve lost or gained a pound.

Instead, you will focus about what you can do in your workouts this coming week to make yourself a better athlete.

You will start to feel that every rep makes you stronger,  that every training session is a chance to leave the old you behind.

If you adopt this strategy, in three months, you will not recognise yourself, physically or mentally.

And in six months, the idea of going back to who you were before will be unthinkable.

Then you’ve cracked it! So here’s to the next six months!

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