I’ve been with Pam for two and a half years now. Joining the group was no doubt the best decision I have ever made in terms of improving my own physical health. Over the last two and a half years I have not only grown fitter and stronger I’ve also grown in confidence, self belief and my self esteem has improved no end. Each time I leave the gym I genuinely feel fantastic! Pam doesn’t just provide a space with gym equipment in it she gives a 100% to each and everyone that joins her program. She genuinely cares and wants everyone to succeed and reach their own personal goal. As well as training hard you can also rely on Pam to give you invaluable advice and guidance around nutrition. Pam doesn’t just tell you how to train she shows you, not only by joining in with the classes, but also by sharing her own personal experiences with her training program. Joining Pam will be the best decision you will make!

Jenny Leigh