Group shot of girls at gymFitness Training

Project Me Bootcamp and Project Me HIIT Blast

Want to get fitter, stronger and leaner in a highly-motivational group setting?

Then Project Me Bootcamp and Project Me HIIT Blast are both for you.

Bootcamps are 45-minute sessions which vary in format but are all designed to raise your heart rate, work all your major muscle groups and get you moving better in your everyday life.

You’ll be introduced to a variety of resistance and cardio equipment including dumb bells, kettlebells, battleropes, rower, medicine balls, and, everyone’s favourite, the prowler!

Project Me HIIT blast, meanwhile, is a 30-minute in-your-face high intensity training session, using just your own bodyweight.

Both workouts are structured in such a way that people of all different levels of ability can train together.

No-one gets held back and no-gets left behind either. And the banter is always good!

Unlimited membership is £69 a month. Eight sessions a month is £54.

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Pam weight liftingWeight Training

Project Me Barbell Club

Have you’ve promised yourself you’re going to learn how to lift weights?

Maybe you’ve had a taste of resistance training through classes like Body Pump and would like to progress but don’t have the know-how to take the next step alone.

Our Project Me Ladies’ Barbell Club Programme is designed for women like you. A four week rolling programme, Barbell club introduces you to all the “big lifts” including deadlift and squat variations, bench press, rowing variations and overhead press.

You will be coached safely and progressively at your own pace. You will train twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6.15-7.30pm. There will only be six women in total, making this a semi-private training experience.

Barbell Club is £80 for the four week programme.

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Maybe your schedule doesn’t fit with group training, or maybe you just like to train alone with no distractions and have the gym completely to yourself.

This is where one-to-one comes in.

This is your time to work on your goals with a programme written to align with what you want to achieve.

As a competitive weightlifter myself, I specialise in helping women develop strength and confidence in their body’s incredible ability to adapt and perform.

One to One sessions cost £35 with a minimum of four booked in advance.

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