I found Pam over 3 ½ years ago or rather she found me…. I had just been turned down by a PT because I was not young and fit enough to join his boot camp classes. (Clutz! Just look at me now ha) I had previously dabbled with various gyms, slimming clubs and personal trainers only to be disappointed.

Well I was at my heaviest, depressed and in constant pain. Confidence was at its lowest.
Pam was my saviour! She went above and beyond personal training.
In my opinion, if your looking to right the wrongs you have done to your body and mind over the years “Project Me” is the way ahead.
Pam will find your weaknesses and your strengths and guide you back to being a strong healthy women. You owe it to yourself to be the best you can be… Join us!… We are family. 😉

Pauline Alderton Dolan