Over the years, I’ve tried numerous ‘diets’, had (im)personal trainers, and vowed to stick with all of them, only to give up weeks later. Making contact with Pam was the most significant step I’ve made to embark on my own project me. Her approach is truly unique, and she has enabled me to believe I can make the changes I want to, that they’re achievable and sustainable. She is committed, genuinely interested in each individual she trains, and, crucially, she’s honest – she says it how it is.
I’m one of Pam’s newest women, but friends and family have commented on the difference in me. I’ve also realised that I don’t need to feel guilty for having some focus on myself. She’s gone above and beyond – including adapting routines to accommodate injury, offering genuinely good and effective nutrition advice, and encouraging workouts when I’ve been unable to get to camp. I can’t recommend ‘project me’ enough.

Karen Walker